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Emerald Digital is an award-winning web design service company that creates revenue-generating, beautiful websites that achieve your business goals, personify your brand, and improve conversion rates.

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Your website sets the tone for your brand’s online experience.

You’ve spent years developing your business and brand from the ground up. Hours of brainstorming sessions. Gallons upon gallons of coffee, or whatever it is that pumps you up. We’re not here to judge. That hard work needs to be represented in the design and functionality of your website. Your site needs to distinguish your brand above the rest. Our web design company wants users to know who you are from the moment they lay their eyes on your home page.

Who knows your business goals better than you do? We do! That’s because we’ve tapped into Alexa to listen to your morning meetings. We are a marketing company, after all. It’s our job to dive deep, discover exactly what converts for your industry and business, then create an easy-to-navigate website that resonates with your audience. From the home page to your product or service page our website developers create the site you want to bring in the conversions you need to grow.

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Finally, a partner you can rely on.

Why should you work with a web design company?

Your website is one of the single most important aspects of your business. We live in a digital world, and your website is your best sales resource. Your website is always working. It provides the world with a tailored showcase of your brand, services, and products.

What is a web design company?

A web design and development company will create the user experience, visual look and feel, and technology that powers your web presence. Creating a website is generally broken down into two pieces: web design and web development.

A web designer will create the graphical elements, experiences, color palette, and images that a website consists of. A web developer will transform the website visuals into a functioning (and optimized) codebase.

Now, a website is more than just the sum of its parts. A website should accomplish your business goals, it should be filled with meaningful content, and a website should be discoverable for key search terms. A key benefit of working with a full-service digital marketing agency is that our clients have access to a whole suite of marketing capabilities — from strategy to search to advertising.

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What web design services do you provide?

Emerald Digital website design company will generally incorporate the following services into its offering:

  • Graphically designing a set amount of pages or page templates
  • Coding your pages or page templates
  • Updating your DNS
  • Incorporating a content management system like WordPress, Shopify, Contentful, or others
  • Creating and integrating forms to allow for data capture
  • Creating sitemaps
  • Identifying and purchasing images
  • Optimizing your images for speed and performance
  • Minifying your website HTML, CSS, and JS
  • Implementing browser cache and other performance-improving systems
  • Setting up your hosting

Working with a full-service marketing agency like Emerald Digital, you have access to additional services that can help transform your website or business into a revenue-generating machine.

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How To Choose A Web Design Company?

Ask To See Sample Websites

Experience is everything. It’s worth your time and effort to view previous web design work created by the agency. You should check out their public portfolio or ask them to send over samples (we don’t put nearly everything we do online). Are the websites professional? Are they mobile responsive? Are the websites easy to navigate?

Presenting a brand consistently across all platforms can increase revenue by up to 23%.

Investigate The Agencies Credibility

Is your agency featured in mainstream media? Are they featured in local publications? Does your agency frequently contribute to industry-specific media? There are many companies that claim to be experts, but experienced teams are often sought out by the press for their thought leadership.

Emerald Digital is an award-winning web design company. We’ve been featured in national press.

Research Previous Clients

Does your web design company work with small local businesses or are they experienced with Fortune 100 brands? Are your agency’s clients reputable? Do the clients seem real?

Our web design services have been employed by international brand and local businesses.

Ask Technical Questions

Not everyone needs to have the technical and programming knowledge, but your web design agency absolutely should. Ask the agency to talk about technical requirements, their process, tools, systems, and operations. If they have problems answering, or can’t explain in detail, then you may want to look elsewhere.

As a web design company, our designers and developers are well-versed in a variety of programming languages and content management systems.

Our Web Design Process

From discovery to launch Emerald Digital web design company services create powerful web destinations that achieve business goals. Our structured website design and development process allow our team to align technical expertise with an overarching communication strategy.

1. Discovery


The first stage in our website creation process is discovery. Our discovery process allows us to connect and understand our client’s business, its goals, competition, and the feature/content of the project. We identify creative and technical requirements, key performance indicators, and much more.

Our discovery into our client’s brands delves into its service or product offerings, and unique value proposition. Emerald Digital works alongside our clients to identify competitors and identify what helps our clients stand out. Additionally, we will coordinate and collect necessary creative assets, requirements, and account credentials.

Defining The Project

Upon evaluating our client’s needs, budget, and goals, Emerald Digital will determine the scope, content, and functionality requirements of the project.

Determining Project Scope

We seek to evaluate a series of questions, including:

  • How many pages should be included on the website?
  • How should the site be designed? Is our client’s brand simple and attractive, world-class, or stylized?
  • How many pages of copywriting are needed?
  • Does the client want the website built to be optimized for SEO?
  • Does the client want to rank for keywords in the next year?
  • Should the website collect user data, provide user interaction, or provide dynamically created content?
  • Should the website include a blog, press, or news section?
  • Will the client be updating the website internally and do they have coding expertise?
  • Does the website need e-commerce functionality?
  • Does the website need tracking, analytics, or conversation tracking capability?
  • Does the website need a content management system so that pages can be dynamically created, content can be reliably updated, and the website can be built upon?
  • Does the website need to be integrated with a CRM, call tracking system, email marketing platform, payment processor, or another third-party system?
  • What interactive functionality does the website require? Examples include:
    • Search
    • Forms
    • User Profiles
    • User-generated content
    • Chatbots
    • Pop-ups
  • Are there any other client requests?
  • Does the website require custom video, graphical elements, or other unique visual identifiers?
Creative Brief

Emerald Digital web design company will send the client a creative brief outlining the information above, as well as defining visual style and tone. This document becomes a creative roadmap for both our creative team and for our clients to guide our project moving forward.

2. Project Planning


At this point, we have a good understanding of what you’re looking for. But before we dive headfirst into the development process, it’s time to put together an exact plan of how the website will function.


For detailed projects, Emerald Digital will create wireframes to determine general page placement and layout.

Site Architecture

We create a site architecture document to determine what pages we need, what information should be included on those pages, what functionality is needed on each page, and the relationship/hierarchy between each page.

3. Content + Search


Content is king – we truly believe that. At this point in the web design and development process we’ll take note and catalog our content needs. In the digital marketing world, content is closely related to search (laying the foundations with the right keywords), so it’s a good idea to set the stage for search success too.

Keyword Research

For web design service projects that include a search engine optimization component, Emerald Digital will research search keywords so that they may be implemented in the website code and content.

Content Review

Whether you’re launching a new business or have a long-established web presence, reviewing your content requirements is essential. As a web design company wants to ensure your communication materials follow brand guidelines, include key marketing messages, and are relevant to your target audience.


Emerald Digital copywriters create compelling website copy that is optimized for search engine phrases. For clients who opt for our copywriting services, our team collaborates with key stakeholders in our client’s organization to ensure your web content is on message, compelling, and speaks to your target demographic. Our copywriters work closely with designers and developers to make sure the right amount of content fits seamlessly into the page, allowing it to be visually digestible.

Photo Sourcing

Emerald Digital will source and acquire stock photos for client websites based on the planning document above. Clients will be presented with photo options.


Many of our clients require custom brand photography for their projects. In these cases, Emerald Digital photographers will visit the client on location or will arrange a photoshoot. We shoot, edit, and arrange photoshoot logistics.

4. Design


During the design phase, Emerald Digital will create the visual building blocks, layout, and user experience that define a website’s look and feel.

Static Design Concept

Based on the creative brief, brand identity, and project requirements Emerald Digital will send a static visual mock-up of one or two website pages to the client. The purpose is to obtain initial feedback on our design style and to align visually with our client.

Static Designs

Emerald Digital will create a fully rendered static render for each page template or unique page. The static images will be sent to our client for review. The client has the opportunity to approve, or to send back for revisions.


Based on client feedback, Emerald Digital will update the website designs so the website is exactly what our client is looking for.

5. Website Development


The goal of this phase is to create a working, web version of the website based on the static visual design.


Emerald Digital will code the website using HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript/PHP to the highest W3C standards.

Copy Insertion

Emerald Digital will insert the approved copy into the website code or content management system.

Photo Insertion

Emerald Digital will insert optimized jpg, png, SVG, and webp images into the website.

CMS Integration

Emerald Digital will integrate the web code with a CMS to allow for website updates, user-generated information, media management, and much more.


Emerald will integrate the website with integrated or tracking solutions such as:

  • Forms
  • Email server
  • Email platform
  • CRM
  • Google analytics

Search Speed & Performance Optimization

Emerald Digital web design company will optimize the clients website for speed and performance by:

  • Minifying and merging HTML/CSS/JS files
  • Optimizing and compressing photos
  • Incorporating a CDN
  • Include image alt tags
  • Create meta descriptions
  • Install a cache solution


Emerald Digital web design company will test the website in major browsers, operating systems, and mobile devices (modern iOS + Android).


We’ve built. We’ve tested. We’ve made something magical. Now we turn your development website loose into the real world. Like proud parents, if we love something we let it go.

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Maurice Harary

Emerald doubled our business in the year we joined and since taking over all of our digital marketing efforts has quadrupled our sales. We couldn't be happier. When Emerald recommends something we know there will be ROI. Emerald really transformed our business.

Maurice Harary

CEO at The Bid Lab

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I've worked with several Digital Marketing companies in the past and Emerald has by far been the best. Knowledgeable and responsive account team and writers are spot on with copy. They also offer public relations which is extremely helpful for integrated campaigns. It's been a year and we've seen great results!

Kevin Daniels


Kasey Caminiti

Working with the team at Emerald was effortless. Their clear communication and organization made every step of our project seamless. We worked collaboratively but it was so helpful to be able to lean on the Emerald team for their expertise to find the best solutions to meet our creative and technical needs. Overall, working with Emerald made this endeavor such a stress-free and enjoyable experience!

Kasey Caminiti

Senior Digital Editor at DuJour

Anthony Russo

These guys are the best I’ve seen in my 25 years of practice. Warren H. Cohn and Matthew Berman are on the cutting edge of their field.

Anthony Russo

Founding Partner at The Russo Firm

Ariel Nishli

Emerald.Digital’s expertise, availability and insight was beyond what I expected and not only led to a wildly successful result for our organization, but to my own marketing insights. They’re also all just really great, grounded people!

Ariel Nishli

Content Director at Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters of Los Angeles


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