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You can’t have a successful company without clients; and you can’t gain clients if they don’t know who you are. This is where our expertise and custom marketing strategy come in. Your law firm needs a digital law firm marketing agency that becomes an extension of your team. You need more referrals and Emerald Digital has the experts and proven conversions to make that happen.

Stop wasting time and money on law firm marketing services. Obtain a complete Marketing Strategy from a partner that delivers the clients and cases your firm needs with long-term results.

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Law Firm Marketing That Actually Works.


Content Creation

Every successful business requires effective content creation. It’s the nature of branding and marketing in the digital age. Both prospective clients and search engines look to content all over the web to tell them who you are, what you do, and where they can find you. Emerald Digital content creators expertly capture attorney brand messaging, tone of voice, and personality with accurate, compelling content that works.

Presenting a consistent law firm across all platforms can increase revenue by up to 23%.


Website Design

Your website is the digital office for your firm. The look, feel, and content on your website immediately conveys your firm’s brand, message, and expectations. Combining smooth navigation and aesthetically pleasing visuals is what seamlessly converts users into clients. Your website is a central place for prospective clients to gather information, seek help, and review testimonials every hour of every day. You need a website that looks better than a weekend Squarespace project. Your firm wasn’t built in a weekend, your site shouldn’t look like it was either.

You Need A Website That Truly Represents Your Law Firm, because first impressions matter.


Email Marketing

Email Marketing is more than daily communications with clients about their case. To maintain top of mind while providing valuable information should be the goal of every firm’s marketing strategy. The need to connect with former, current, and potential clients is more than a sequence of automated emails. Email marketing is a way to nurture leads, improve the customer experience, and increase the amount of touchpoints for potential clients to interact with your firm. You need an email marketing strategy that reaches your email contacts regularly that educates your subscribers while encouraging them to book a consultation.

Email Marketing is still the most effective ROI tactic of any marketing tactic.

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Pay Per Click

Get in front of your audience with captivating visuals and messaging that will transform a user into a client. PPC is a competitive marketing field for most law firms. Identifying your specific audience, utilizing geo-targeting, while creating custom campaigns that have proven results are what will set your law firm apart and get your ad to the top of the pack. Stop throwing money at a marketing tactic that instead needs a well thought out plan.

Three-fourths of people (75%) say paid search ads make it easier to find the information they need fast.


SEO Marketing

Visibility online for a law firm is essential. Search engine optimization is paramount for long-term, organic search results. Prospective clients are actively engaging search engines such as Google to deliver the top law firms through organic and local search results. At Emerald Digital, on and off-site seo are key services provided to maximize your organic search presence at the local and national level.

91% of all pages never get any organic traffic from Google because they aren’t on the front page.


Legal ChatBots

Having a chatbot on your site allows for users to get immediate assistance and answers to their questions, while allowing your firm to engage leads, all day everyday. Our legal chatbot and automation tools qualify and can even sign clients, all without you lifting a finger. Your chatbot will have the ability to prequalify for nearly 100 case types — from family law, business litigation, to personal injury.

Having a chatbot is proven to lead to a higher number of conversions and a more effective marketing strategy.


Analytics, Data, & Reporting

Real results in real time. Transparency is key in everything Emerald Digital does. Always know how your website, campaigns, and content are performing with real time access to a custom report. We analyze what matters and make data driven decisions to keep your website and campaigns fully optimized to turn leads into contacts.

76% of internet users base their decisions on data and research. Your firm should, too.

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Law Firm Marketing To Actually Grow Your Firm

The digital world is consistently and continuously growing, delivering new digital marketing capabilities. If your law firm isn’t growing with it, you’re getting left behind. You don’t want that, and we certainly don’t want that for you. Our team of industry experts keep our collective finger on the digital pulse, learning and growing with the trends so you are able to utilize the most up-to-date and innovative technologies to grow and succeed.

We Have A Legal Marketing Expert for That

Whether you’re a new law firm trying to construct your brand identity, an established law firm looking to expand into new markets and reach a wider range of clientele, or at any stage in between, we have an expert ready for you. You Would Like To Practice Law, Not Law Firm Marketing. Focus on running the best firm possible, while we make sure your marketing is world-class.

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You Need A Law Firm Marketing Agency You Trust

You have a lot on your plate, juggling clients, deadlines, court, and more. For these reasons, Emerald Digital becomes an extension of our clients. Unlike other agencies you’ve worked with previously where they’ve sold you a bucket of lies. They dropped the ball. They ignored your messages and paid your firm little attention. You put your clients best interests ahead of your own and so do we. We at Emerald Digital firmly believe that when your firm thrives, that’s when we win.

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