Juda Engelmayer


Partner and Crisis Management Expert at Emerald Digital

Juda Engelmayer a leading crisis management expert based out of New York City became president at HeraldPR after a his position as Senior Vice President & Group Director overseeing corporate, crisis and advocacy groups at one of the nations top public relations firms.

Now, Engelmayer oversees a long list of high-end clients spanning all industries from corporate, political, advocacy and policy groups and affluent individuals in national and international arenas. He also handles public campaigning for clients, direct advocacy and positioning, and manages a team handling issues of current public debate, as well as issue oriented corporate, financial, and philanthropy related matters.

As partner at Emerald Digital, Engelmayer works cohesively with Online Reputation Management and Crisis clients who need a strategic plan in both mitigating negative press and creating optimized online profiles.

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