Collaborative Giveaways: Why Two Brands Are Better Than One

This post was written by April Campos

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Since the dawn of advertising, we as consumers have excitedly watched giveaways and sweepstakes as they popped up in newspapers, magazines, TV, and now social media. It’s no secret that giveaways have been a successful strategy for companies and brands to get the word out about their products and services. While giveaways seen in magazines or on TV prompt consumers to send in their general information for a chance to win (such as name, email, address, etc.), social media allows you to take advantage of an even more beneficial approach. While the benefits of running your own social media giveaway are clear, finding a brand to partner with takes your giveaway campaign to the next level. 

Listed below are the top reasons why you should partner with another brand and collaborate for your next giveaway.

Brand Awareness

Collaborating with another brand to host a giveaway is a worthwhile venture for you to grow your brand awareness more than you would when doing it on your own. When posting your own giveaway on social media, it’s expected for you to ask users to follow your page, tag a friend in the comments, and even share the giveaway on their own timeline. By default, more users will come across the giveaway and check out your page. A collaborative giveaway expands these brand awareness efforts. Not only will you be posting the your products and theirs to your own followers, they will also be sharing your brand with their already established audience at the same time. 

Growing Your Audience

While hosting your own giveaway is a great way to grow your audience because your followers are tagging their friends and overall account activity is increased, a collaboration is a simple way to double these already high levels of engagement. A collaborative giveaway allows you to engage with a new audience and build more followers. The giveaway will then be shared with at least twice the amount of social media users within your target audience. You most likely already have a good idea of your current target audience, but introducing a company into the mix of your content will increase the number of new members engaging with your brand. It also inspires you to think of new and appealing ways to effectively target a brand new set of social media users. Strategically choosing your partner can also grow your audience in the right direction—consider the type of followers a certain brand might have and keep this in mind when looking for your collaboration. 

Inspiring Your Followers to Try Something New

A collaborative giveaway is the perfect way to show your audience how well your product coincides with another. This inspires ideas for your followers and consumers which makes you a respected voice and increases loyalty amongst your followers. This also keeps your content interesting by offering your followers another new and exciting brand to check out. It’s one thing when social media influencers showcase their products in an engaging way, but it doesn’t go unnoticed when you introduce other products to your page, as well as when another account posts about your brand. It shows that you’re willing to get creative and your page will spark inspiration for new ideas for your followers.

Expanding Into A Larger Market 

On top of growing your audience and followers, a collaborative giveaway is a tactic that can be employed to propel your brand into a larger market. The beauty of social media is that you reach people from any corner of the world. So, you can also partner with brands in different regional markets—if your brand has been looking to expand to the West coast, it makes sense to collaborate with a brand that is already established there to build up your credibility in a new market. 

Increasing Sales

The combination of everything above—brand awareness, growing your audience, inspiring your followers, and expanding into a larger market—is bound to impact your bottom line. Partnering up for collaborative giveaways increases all-around engagement on your page. In turn, this increases sales, your amount of followers, and opens the door for further opportunities to partner with more brands, companies, and influencer. Ultimately, the goal of running a successful giveaway campaign with another brand is to increase sales.

When planning your next giveaway, consider looking into brands that may interest your followers, pairs well with your product or service, and can serve to increase your audience and overall sales. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and shoot for the stars. The worst that could happen is someone says no. The best that could happen is a stellar giveaway collaboration that leads to an increase in engagement, which in turn increases followers, sales, and future opportunities to partner with more businesses and influencers. It’s a snowball effect—when brands see your willingness to work together, they’ll start knocking on your door (ahem, sliding into your DMs) to collaborate. 

April Campos

April Campos is the Emerald Digital operations manager and digital marketing expert. April has been managing digital campaigns for nearly a decade and is a client favorite.

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