DesignRush has recognized Emerald Digital as a top branding agency in New York City

Emerald Digital is a full-service digital marketing agency founded in 2018 led by President & Partner Matt Berman and CEO Warren Cohn. When working closely with a client and detailing all of their needs, it is clear that Emerald Digital is dedicated to providing clients with customized branding expertise and targeted messaging purposed to click with new and broader audiences. 

DesignRush is an accessible B2B marketplace that allows individuals and businesses to explore specific services from a variety of marketing companies, tech companies, and much more. Users on the digital platform seek to partner alongside agencies with solutions tailored to their needs and their goals.

The team at Emerald Digital carries out sharp branding campaigns with the client at the very top of mind. All of Emerald Digital’s branding strategies are curated with the goal of providing sharpened messaging and digital exposure that will cause clients to reach their own sales and business goals. 

DesignRush recognizing Emerald Digital as a top branding industry in New York City is an honor and one of the many qualities that make Emerald Digital’s innovative team and leadership stand out in the digital marketing industry. 

So, you’ve developed your brand identity, built an email marketing campaign, and created social media pages for your business. Now what? This is where the fun really begins. Hold on tight folks, because we’re about to get creative. 

1. Visuals Are Everything

First-things-first: As humans, we’re visual creatures. When you hear something, three days later you’ll recall 10 percent of it. Buuuut… If you add a picture, you’ll remember 65 percent. You could be the best storyteller with the most amazing copy, but if your Facebook post doesn’t have an image or video…. It won’t make a lasting impression. We don’t want that for you. 

Including a simple photo, graphic, or short video with your digital content increases engagement. Whether it’s your website, an email campaign or a social post – adding a visual makes all the difference. 

2. Visual Creation Tips

That’s great Emerald, but how can we create visual content that doesn’t take ages to produce? What if we don’t have a video production expert on our team? How on earth do we master PhotoShop while growing our business? Great questions. 

Give us a second to do our own shameless plug. Emerald’s experts create stellar content, from infographics to gifs to videos. We can absolutely take that burden away from your team so you can focus on what makes your business great. 

Okay, back to the tips. 

3. Keep It Simple

Over the last two decades, the average attention span has dropped from 12 seconds to just eight seconds. Today’s marketers are constantly competing to grab a fraction of that 8 seconds. Think about it: When you’re watching TV, you’re simultaneously checking your phone. Texting friends, checking Twitter, or listening to your favorite podcast during commercials. Your sister randomly FaceTimes you to show you just how big your 3-year-old niece is getting. 

As a business, how do you stand out enough to take a piece of the 8-second pie? You keep it simple. This applies to copy, graphics, and videos. The simpler and shorter the better. There’s a reason Facebook has text recommendations for ads. You need to convey your message in less than 125 characters of text and a 40-character headline. Our recs:

content creation tips

4. Experiment with Content

While creating engaging content is important, analyzing your results takes the cake. You can create loads and loads of graphics and videos, but if you’re not evaluating how they perform on a given platform, you’re missing out on a major opportunity for growth. Here are some simple ways to experiment with content:

Experimenting with content also means taking creative risks. Don’t be afraid to really hone in on your brand voice in visuals. Use GIFs that’ll hit a homerun with your target audience. Make references to pop culture, history, or sports. Be relatable. And, most of all, bounce your ideas off of your team. Two minds are always greater than one, and we’re confident you can brainstorm some awesome content. We know we can. 

5. Be Consistent

Presenting a brand consistently across all platforms can increase revenue by up to 23 percent. So, this isn’t just about aesthetics – it’s about boosting your bottom line. Ensuring your brand is cohesive across web, email, and social contributes to your brand authority. Here are some ways to stay consistent: 

There we have it. We hope these five tips will help you tap into your inner creative genius. If you’re looking for more insight from our experts, check out (other blog posts). And, shameless plug again—if you’d rather not worry about any of this, let us take the wheel. We have decades of digital marketing experience with proven results. Let’s build something spectacular together.