Digital Marketing Specialist

Emerald Digital is looking for a skilled Digital Marketing Specialist to start ASAP. The ideal candidate is creative, communicative, ambitious, detail oriented, respectful, personable, and has past experience with digital marketing.
The candidate must be experienced with creating both written and graphic content, as well as managing integrated social media campaigns. The candidate must be fluent in Photoshop, capable in Premiere Pro, and capable in InDesign. 
Key responsibilities include:

* Implementing social media campaigns across multiple social media platforms;

* Writing web page copy or articles for client campaigns;

* Creating visual content (images, short video);

* Managing the development and publishing of social media content calendars (planning, copywriting, content creation, proofreading, approvals, scheduling);

* Publishing and managing social media advertisements;

* Reporting monthly, quarterly, and annually on social media performance

This person must have strong written and verbal communication and be adept at working in a fast-paced environment. This position can be done remotely, however you should be available during working hours 9AM – 5PM (EST or CST) to communicate, attend meetings, or interact with our team. 
The initial role is for freelance / contract work, with the opportunity to extend into a full-time position. 

Apply Now

Please email hello (at) emerald (dot) digital to apply. Please include a cover letter, a resume. Please answer the following questions:

Can you tell us about a social media project you worked on? What were the challenges? How did you overcome them?

Can you tell us about a creative project?